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Juicy Heads to Coachella with Harley & Refinery 29

We’ve teamed up with Harley Viera Newton to launch Refinery 29’s Festival Fashion Tracker. We stopped by Harley’s while she was packing and she was kind enough to take a break and chat with us. While sipping an iced green tea latte with her cat, Marmite (whom she calls Mo) by her side, she dishes on music, festival packing and nail art.

JC: So, are you getting excited for Coachella?

HVN: Very excited. I’ve gone since I was in 9th grade. So, it’s been six or seven years now. I grew up in L.A. so Coachella was always sort of the big event. Everyone from school used to go together because it’s only an hour drive.

JC: Has it changed over the years?

HVN: Obviously this year there are two weekends, which I don’t really like. I don’t like that they’re trying to get the most money out of it. It feels sort of silly that the same festival is happening twice. I don’t know how that’s going to work out. One, it splits people up and also just seems strange that the bands are playing the exact same concert twice. That might be strange. But you never know.

JC: Has fashion always been such a big element?

HVN: At festivals, fashion is weirdly always kind of an element. It’s sort of a vacation for people so they get excited about it. Even at Glastonbury and all the crazy Burning Man shows, fashion is always a huge aspect of it. People are excited to dress up and play the role of Festival Go-er.

JC: Does it feel reflective of your regular style?

HVN: For me it is. But you know there are definitely people who go in crazy headdresses and nuts make up. But no face paint for me. Not yet….

JC: Now, the most important thing, how do you plan what to pack?

HVN: I know it sounds corny but I actually try to be comfortable because it’s so boiling and you’re at the festival for so many hours, so in the end, comfort always wins. I’ve gone in uncomfortable stuff and learned that lesson quickly. I pack light stuff—comfortable but obviously summery. For us new Yorkers it’s a nice debut of our summer vibes.

JC: What are some of your favorite Juicy and non-Juicy pieces you’re bringing?

HVN: I love the cherry swimsuit. I feel like you can wear the one-piece as a top as well, which is really nice. I love all the nautical stripes. I’m always a big fan of stripes, especially navy. You can’t go wrong. I also love all the jungle prints. Maybe it’s the Brazilian in me. I love all the parrots and the jungle and leaves and all the underwater accessories. And then non-Juicy I just got a really cool pair of vintage gold sunglasses and I also love Illesteva sunglasses so I’ll probably bring a pair of those. I have a new Polaroid that I’m obviously going to bring. And a pair of really good vintage jean shorts that I live in in the summer.

JC: So, the music. Who are you most excited to see?

HVN: Dr Dre is playing, which is just crazy. Definitely excited for that. I think that’s my number one. And Pulp. Pulp’s the big one. I missed them in New York so now I get to see them at Coachella.

JC: How did you get into music and DJing?

HVN: Music’s always been a huge part of my life. My dad works in music and my mom works in fashion so everything was always revolving around music and the fashion world.

I was always going to shows as a young kid—everything across the board so I was exposed to everything pretty young. I was in bands all through high school and then when I got to New York, I just started playing around with a friend who was a DJ. She showed me the ropes and it somehow evolved.

JC: How would you describe your musical taste?

HVN: It’s really all over the place. Initially it was very much oldies and the classics—The Clash, Morrison, The Cure. DJing has really opened up my taste. It’s really across the board. I’m a huge hip hop fan. I love R&B, but also those good old girl groups that I love. I embrace Top 40 stuff. I feel like it can be really fun.

JC: I have to ask you about your nails.

HVN: I always have insane nails. These are actually pretty tame for me. They’re little pearl hearts. The color was Tiffany’s blue so I wanted to do pearl with Tiffany Blue. For Coachella, I think I might do a rainbow French. I’ll have to see how it fits.

JC: Do you have any tips for first-timers?

HVN: Remember it’s boiling hot. If you burn, a hat is an absolute essential. Wear sunscreen. Pack super light and bring a tiny bag and only bring: sunglasses, water, camera—bring as little as possible to the festival.

JC: Who are you looking forward to seeing?

HVN: All my friends from LA, my family. My little sister’s going and my brother. It’s sort of a family affair.

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