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Keiko Lynn, Saucy Glossie & My Style Pill Love a Shopping Party

Last night our Fifth Avenue flagship set the stage for a fabulous gifting soiree hosted by Keiko Lynn, My Style Pill and Saucy Glossie. Keiko, Christine and Lindsey looked equally chic and festive in their styled Juicy outfits. The trio of lovelies outdid themselves, dutifully helping customers to cross off their shopping lists. From Deborah Lippmann polish to neon wrap bracelets to sunglasses, everyone found something to giveā€”and receive!

What’s Couture | Breakfast with Bloggers

This morning we enjoyed an insanely delicious breakfast at the stunning Imperial No. Nine at the Mondrian Soho with a solid crew of fabulous lovelies: Lindsey, Kelly, Katy, Fiona, Jamie, Gala and Keiko, to be exact. Not even the perfect shade of cornflower blue wire garden chairs, dripping crystal chandeliers, or covetable art could distract us from this bountiful spread: fruit salad dusted with pomegranate + mint, scruffins (scone + muffins = genius), an egg + roasted pepper souffle, banana bread+peanut butter+honeycomb panini (stop!!!) and the dreamiest vanilla cream cheese French toast you’ll ever meet.

We don’t count calories in these parts, thank you very much. Enjoy! xx

Photos by Fiona Byrne, naag.com.